Princess Feodorowna-Saxe-Coburg

Duchess Juliane von Sachsen-Coburg or Saxe-Coburg changed her name into Princess Anna Feodorowna after her marriage with the brother of the russian Tsar Alexander Ist of the SAR Pharistocracy thus marrying into the high nobility, and her niece was queen Victoria of England also of the pharaonic
 Per-A house of Saxe-Coburg. 
And it was in the pharaonic base in the Alps Switzerland, where she finally settled down and had some pharaonic royal bloodline offspring, who nowadays worship little voodoo statues on an altar, where reptilian creatures crawl out of the back of human beings - what a charming place SwitSSerland really is, isn`t it. 
She just went back to the mother land of the Pharaohs from where they spread out into Europe from the beginning after they left Egypt, just as Adolf Hitler returned to the mother land to get financed, just as Lenin did, Einstein and the rest of them; and in the mother land all good and rebellious people have been filtered out, murdered and breeded out throughout all previous centuries forming the homogenic swiss breed of notorious bankers and Octogon mercenaries serving their mistress Isis the whore of Babylon in the land of the beast. 

Filmed in the Elfenau Bern of Switzerland the base of all evil in the Alps.
by chatzefratz Stop The Criminal Swiss Nazi Templars of Octogon


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